Dr. Gruber has been working with patients for over a decade and has helped many become pain free again. Here are a few stories from patients who were kind enough to write about their experience working with Dr. Gruber to get relief from their pain and get back to leading their normal lives again.

I honestly have to say that I never believed in chiropractors. In all fairness, I never had been to one. I have been a registered nurse for 29 years and for many years have had chronic lower back pain. I just lived with the discomfort.

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Gerry Repar

I was having significant problems with my hip, and came to Dr. Gruber literally as a result of frustration with traditional medicine, and I had never believed in chiropractic before. Almost instantly Dr. Gruber and his treatment gave me tremendous relief.

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Eric Lind

My name is Lori Kiehlmeier and I am 41 years old. I started seeing Dr. Gruber in 2003 because my headaches and seizures had got to the point that I could no longer function normally. Two weeks before I saw Dr. Gruber I had been hospitalized for them and given medication with severe side effects. They also did multiple spinal taps and other procedures that only made things worse. I was literally at the end of my rope.

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Lori Kiehlmeier – September 2010

I have suffered for years with chronic neck and shoulder pain, numbness and tingling down my arms with some loss of strength. After getting xrays, I was diagnosed with severe stenosis in my neck.

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Cindy Storrar

I was in a carting accident in 95. The horse went one way and I went the other, the horse won. I ended up with a broken and dislocated shoulder. I had been a school bus driver at the time of this accident and thought that I would be able to continue after I healed. Little did I know this was just he beginning of a lot of pain and the end of my job as a bus driver.

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Gracious Patient

A Police Officer received a dramatic injury in a bomb explosion on active service in 1980. At the time the injury occurred there were no visible symptoms and no medical advice was taken. In 1982, whilst on police duty, the officer experienced sudden deafness and breathing difficulties. Upon immediate examination he was found to have had substantial injury to the sinus and nose, which resulted in a number of operations. Basic symptoms were mitigated and the officer has been symptom free since approximately 1990.

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Recovering Officer

In May of 1998, after two years of dealing with a horribly stressful situation, I sat back finally ready to rest and get on with my life. I knew that it would probably take some time to regain my strength, but after six months I was still exhausted. I had also developed pain in the soft tissues around my joints, insomnia, depression and migraines (for the first time in my life). I caught every bug that came along and when I was sick the pain got even worse. If I was in any one position for more than a few minutes, I would start to hurt, but when I would try to move to alleviate the pain, I would be so stiff that it was a toss-up as to which was more painful, moving or sitting still!

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Susan R. Tilton

I experienced severe back pain following a four-day trip from Texas back to Washington State in June of 1997 (age 31). The car was small and cramped, and soaking in the hot tubs/spas at the hotels along the way didn’t seem to help. There didn’t seem to be, however, any particular reason why my back went out.

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Sean Steen

My husband Mike and I have been going to Gruber Chiropractic for 10 months now. When we first came into Dr. Gruber’s office in late December of 1998, we were both in pain and both a little skeptical about the process of chiropractic care.

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Thankful Couple
Lower Back Pain

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