My name is Lori Kiehlmeier and I am 41 years old. I started seeing Dr. Gruber in 2003 because my headaches and seizures had got to the point that I could no longer function normally. Two weeks before I saw Dr. Gruber I had been hospitalized for them and given medication with severe side effects. They also did multiple spinal taps and other procedures that only made things worse. I was literally at the end of my rope.

Finally, my sister suggested that I see her chiropractor. She said it had always helped her husband with his headaches. So she made an appointment for me because at the time I was still having seizures every 45 minutes. When Dr. Gruber came into the exam room I was right in the middle of having a huge seizure so he could see exactly what was going on. My sister had to support my head and tears were running down her cheek. Dr. Gruber got right to work. He examined me as calm as can be, and told me I had a neck misalignment that was putting pressure on my nerves. So, forward he went – adjusted my neck and the seizures immediately stopped, and the headache went away while I was still on the table, it was incredible. I felt so relieved, I cried.

Over time my seizures have subsided, I only have them maybe, once a year and I get headaches 2-3 times a year. I walk completely on my own, and am no longer taking any medications for either seizures or headaches. I still go to the chiropractor for maintenance and exercise daily because I don’t want my problems to ever come back.

Now I can do most everything I want, even though my medical doctor has said that due to the damage that the seizures have done to my heart that basically I wouldn’t live past 6 months to a year due to the damage. I am here today, in my opinion, as a result of Dr. Gruber’s chiropractic adjustments. I believe that if it weren’t for chiropractic adjustments I would either be dead and/or severely disabled and wheelchair bound.

Lori Kiehlmeier – September 2010